LED Signs

The Sign Express LED signs are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions and environments, guaranteeing you years of worry-free performance. We want your electronic message center to look and perform great, not just on day one, but for its lifetime.


     The SBA states that outdoor LED signs increase sales 15% at 10% the cost of other advertising and you just pay once, while focusing on your target market. 

     LED signs offer unique way to capture the attention of these people passing by.

     Allows you to communicate more effectively with your community and person passing by your business or organization

     You can place unlimited number of message changes and eliminates the physical liabilities often associated with copy changes on traditional reader boards

     Flexibility - so your business can advertise specials while also displaying public service announcements

     These signs can quickly “brand” your business in the local community

     Your new LED sign can act as your “salesman on the street” attracting new customers to your location

     Update your sign with ease from the comforts of your office

 If you are looking for high quality road signage, LED signage by The Sign Express can offer best visual experience to your viewers. Contact Carla at 903-577-7600 for affordable digital LED signboards.